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 English (P1-P6)

Stretch your English prowess

Our Primary English programme is the ideal platform for a student to hone his expertise in the English language and for him to excel in the PSLE and school examinations.

All components of the MOE Primary English syllabus such as Composition, Model Compositions, Comprehension, Cloze Passage, Oral, Grammar, Synthesis & Transformation, Vocabulary, Situational Writing and Listening Exercises are systematically covered in our best-selling English programme.

Not only that, depending on the level, our programme includes a host of other enriched components like Language Development, Discussion & Vocabulary Tasks, Contextual Vocabulary Fun with Language & Text Types.

Our mind-stretching lessons have been specially crafted to:

  • Expose students to a variety of texts such as & learning tasks

  • Teach students to generate & clarify ideas to aid them in composition writing, and to master key writing techniques

  • Develop proficiency in oral conversation, a component that is not commonly enforced in schools

  • Encourage students to ask questions and share opinions with their teachers and classmates

  • Glean general knowledge through a variety of stimulating passages & exercises

  • Build their vocabulary bank through all English mind-stretching worksheets


Through exposure to a wide variety of text types, genres, intellectually-stimulating exercises and model compositions, our students will progressively develop a good foundation in the subject, learn the core skills needed to effectively tackle English examinations and use the language as a powerful communication tool in our everyday lives.

High achievers and GEP students can expect a differentiated curriculum that will stretch their linguistic ability and stimulate their intellectual curiosity in a broad array of subject matter. The questions are more challenging and focus on higher order thinking skills to test the different skills of application.

"My English oral marks jumped from

15/30 to 30/30 after attending MS English lessons & Oral Bootcamp!"

Alexander Leong

2021 MS Student

Many questions that were asked during our English lessons in MS, were relevant to the questions tested in my school exams, as well as in PSLE. 

Harini Sree

2021 MS Student

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