Meet The Team

Mr Alvin Kuek 

Mind Stretcher's Co-Founder & Chief Educator Officer. An ex-MOE Asean Secondary Scholar (Raffles Institution), PSC Pre-university Asean Scholer (Raffles Junior College) and Kuok Foundationb University Scholar, Alvin is a chartered accountant by profession. A gregarious and highly sought-after speaker for various education, business and entrepreneurship semianrs, Alvin is one of Mind Stretcher's Master Teachers. During his time at Mid Stretcher, he has taught, mentored and nurtured over 2,500 students, including 2 Singapore President's Scholars. Master Speakers was conceptualised after he returned to Mind Stretcher in Jan 2019 after a 4-year sabbatical. 

Ms Aik Peng 

An experienced and eloquent English Teacher with many years of teaching experience and a graduate of NUS (majoring in English & History), she holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education and has taught English at various international schools abroad (eg. ACS Jatata) and various institutions in Singapore. An ebullient character with loads of dynamic energy, Aik Peng is currently perusing her Masters in English Linguistics  at the Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS). 

Ms Kristie Lim

Mind Strtecher's Founding Principal, is a double-degree holder from the National University of Singapore & the University of London. A trainer lawyer and accountant, she also has a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Her eldest son, a 2012 Singapore President's Scholar whom she coached, is the best testimony of Kristie's expertise as an educator. She is currently launching and spearheading the Master Speakers programme in Malaysia. 

MS Catherine Toh

A graduate from NTU-NIE as a Teacher and also a degree-holder in English and Business from the Singapore University of Social Science. While teaching at a MOE school, she was the English Level Head and CCA Coordinator responsible for inspiring students to achieve optimal performance by developing a confident mindset. Throughout her years as an educator, she has worked closely with many students to hone their speech skills through video presentations and story-telling. In the 8 years she has been an English Teacher with Mind Stretcher, she has consistently been recognised as a Top Performing teacher by both students and parents. 

Ms Elina Teng

A graduate from NUS with an English & Economics degree. In her 15-year career, she has acted as an Emcee for many events and ceremonies, and also taught Communication Skills as a Trainer at a government institution. A passionate educator and trainer with seemingly boundless enthusiasm, she now teaches English and manages Mind Stretcher @ Marine Parade and will be one of the main Master Speakers Teachers at MS @ Marine Parade. 

Meet The Lead Trainers

Mr Andy Kuek

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Ms Mavis Tan

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Ms Juliana Froie

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Ms Alicia Ng

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Meet The Mentor Consultant

Ms Mary Ann Tear

A Senior Examiner & Trainer for Trinity College London,as well as a British Federation adjudicator,choreographer, director and practitioner. She is now based in Singapore as the SEA Drama and Performance Consultant for Trinity College London whilst still perusing her examining, lecturing, and adjudicating roles.

Her work has taken her to Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Bermuda, as well as Europe and the UK. 

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