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Master Speaker Instructor (Raymond Zhang)

Raymond Zhang

Ever since his school days, Raymond has been a conversation starter. His love for striking up a chat, combined with his innate talent for eloquence, made him a talkative presence among his peers. He discovered his passion for speaking early on at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, honing his skills on the debating team and leaving his mark as a young orator.

But Raymond's journey didn't stop there. It was just the prelude to a broader, more significant commitment to public speaking - his involvement with the Toastmasters movement. There, his talents were amplified. His skills were sharpened and put to test in a variety of settings, leading him to not just victories in numerous Toastmasters contests, but also allowing him to serve in pivotal leadership roles at both the Area and Division levels.

Yet, Raymond is not just about winning contests or climbing the leadership ladder. His story is intertwined with his belief in the power of voice - the idea that each person has the capacity to inspire and make a difference through their words. At Master Speakers, Raymond is driven by his commitment to helping students discover their voices and unlock their potential. He sees in every student the spark that first ignited his passion for public speaking.

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