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Master Speakers (Mavis Tan)

Mavis Tan

From a young age, Mavis found her voice, enthusiastically embracing the role of emcee at various events. From intimate gatherings to large-scale assemblies, she's held the mic for concerts and pivotal meetings, one of which marked a significant commemoration of a community organization she's a proud member of. Her journey wasn't confined to a single language either, as she engaged audiences in both English and Chinese with her captivating stage presence.

Mavis's foray into the performing arts took flight in primary school when she took to the stage in a myriad of plays and musicals. As she grew, so did her responsibilities. Her roles evolved from not only acting but also directing numerous performances, showcasing her versatile talents and leadership.

In university, she dove deeper into the art of storytelling, immersing herself in film-making. From scripting to acting, directing to editing, Mavis was at the heart of it all, shaping stories to resonate with audiences far and wide. She was also the Teacher-In-Charge of the Drama CCA in her previpus incarnation as a secondary school English Teacher.

Yet, Mavis's passion extends beyond the stage and screen. As the Head of Creative Writing & English (Primary Division) at Mind Stretcher, she ignites the spark of creativity in young minds every day. She's also the much-loved emcee for a host of Mind Stretcher's staff and student events, where her vivacious energy never fails to light up the room.

From stage to classroom, from dramas to general meetings, Mavis Tan's journey is a captivating narrative of passion, creativity, and ceaseless growth in the realms of expression and education."

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