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Master Speakers (Gwen Ling)

Gwen Ling

Gwen Ling's story is a masterful symphony of skill, experience, and passion. As a Team Lead of Mind Stretcher's Master Speakers programme and an English teacher, she stands at the forefront of educational innovation, empowering young minds with the power of eloquence.  But Gwen's journey to her current role is rich with diverse experiences. With a professional background in public relations and corporate communications spanning over 25 years, Gwen honed her skills within the crucible of the communications business. From journalistic endeavours with the Straits Times to serving leading public relations consultancies, Gwen mastered the art of expression and persuasion.


Since 2011, Gwen has been an active participant in the Toastmasters community, further sharpening her public speaking abilities and leadership skills. Today, she's not just a member of three Toastmasters clubs, but also a decorated orator, having clinched numerous victories in numerous international speech contests. The zenith of her Toastmasters journey thus far has been her scintillating triumph at 2023 National Toastmasters International Speech Contest, 

An ACTA-certified professional, Gwen brings her comprehensive expertise to the classroom, workshops and seminars. Her workshops on Media Publicity have already shaped the skills of lecturers from the Singapore Institute of Technology.

Join us as we follow the exhilarating journey of Gwen Ling - a veteran communicator, an inspiring educator, and an award-winning orator. Gwen's story continues to inspire, teaching us that the power of speech can indeed move mountains!

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