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Empowering children with skills and confidence to speak boldly and inspire others.

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Why Choose Master Speakers?

Strong communication skills are key to success in school, work and life. This isn’t just about speaking - but also about thinking on your feet, managing your emotions, and empathising with your audience. Build a foundation in these critical skills now.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Discover the dynamic and interactive activities that make up each Master Speakers class.

Students reflect on broad themes or current news to develop critical thinking and articulate their ideas effectively.

Technique Drills

Regular practice drills to enhance verbal delivery and body language. These include reading aloud on different topics and practicing speech techniques for clarity and expression.


Students engage in debates, problem-solving tasks, and group discussions on current events. These activities encourage them to consider various perspectives, form well-supported opinions, and engage in respectful dialogues.

Themed Application

Themed activities allow students to apply their speaking skills in a structured manner. They work on specific themes like environmental awareness, historical events, and community issues, using role-plays and structured sentences to express their thoughts clearly and empathetically.

Take-Home Application

Each class concludes with a take-home activity, reinforcing the day's lessons. These activities ensure students continue their learning at home, applying the skills they've acquired.


Sensitive Listener
Students learn to empathize and understand others' perspectives, fostering a supportive and inclusive communication environment.
Precise Communicator
Students develop the ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively, ensuring their messages are understood as intended.
Ethical Citizen
Students are encouraged to demonstrate social responsibility and respect in their communications, promoting ethical interactions and civic engagement.
Aspiring Leader
Students are trained to inspire and guide others through effective communication, building leadership skills that are essential for personal and professional success.
Knowledgeable Speaker
Students gain confidence in sharing information accurately and confidently, becoming well-informed communicators who can discuss a wide range of topics.

Your Child’s Pathway To Mastery

At Master Speakers, we build your child's confidence and progress them through different stages, from foundational skills to advanced communication techniques, ensuring they become effective communicators who are set up for success in school and in life.

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7 - 8 Years Old

Emerging Speaker

Introduce fundamentals of effective communication through active listening exercises, visual aids, and fun activities. This phase is all about building confidence and social awareness.
9 - 10 Years Old

Budding Speaker

Encourage deeper engagement with others' perspectives, and hone the ability to articulate thoughts with clarity. Role-plays and structured exercises foster empathy and prepare them for more complex interactions.
11 - 12 Years Old

Junior Speaker

Learn to value diverse perspectives and express well-supported opinions. Structured argumentation and respectful dialogues enhance their critical thinking and public speaking skills.
13 - 14 Years Old

Aspiring Speaker l

Promote social responsibility and global awareness, preparing students to be informed and empathetic communicators. Build critical thinking skills and engage in advanced communication such as debates and persuasive speeches.
15 - 16 Years Old

Aspiring Speaker ll

Refine empathy and advocacy skills. Deepen understanding of cultural contexts and global issues, preparing students to be articulate, socially responsible leaders.

What Your Child Can Achieve With Us

Build Confidence In Public Speaking

We aim to help students overcome stage fright and build the confidence to speak in front of an audience through fun and engaging in-class activities such as speeches, role-playing, small group presentations, and interactive group discussions.

Develop Effective Communication Skills

Our programme focuses on enhancing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Students will learn to articulate their thoughts clearly and engage their audience through storytelling exercises, debating sessions, and peer feedback, while also practising gestures, eye-contact, and voice modulation drills.

Encourage Critical Thinking And Creativity

We encourage students to think on their feet and creatively express their ideas. Through impromptu speaking challenges, creative writing tasks, and brainstorming sessions, students will develop the ability to think critically and present original ideas effectively.

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Meet Our Master Speakers Team

Get to know the passionate and experienced teachers who will guide your child's journey to confident communication.

Alvin Kuek
Master Speakers Team Lead
Saddiqi Sa'id
Master Speakers Team Lead
Raymond Zhang
Master Speakers Team Lead
Mavis Tan
Master Speakers Team Lead
Krrish Gurbani
Master Speakers Team Lead
Jared Sim
Master Speakers Team Lead
Student Success Stories
See how our students have grown and excelled in public speaking through our Master Speakers programme.
Gowrezan Gowshikan
Master Speakers, Budding Speaker
  • 2023 Master Speakers National Oratory Olympics (2nd Runner-Up)
Sheza Mehreen
National Champion Master Speakers, Aspiring Speaker II
  • 2024 ACJC Senior Orators' Trophy (First Runner-Up)
  • 2023 PESA Grand Finalist (U14)
  • 2023 Master Speakers National Oratory Olympics (First Runner-Up)
Nay Wun Thant
Master Speakers, Aspiring Speaker II
  • 2024 ACJC Senior Orators' Trophy (Champion)
  • 2023 PESA National Champion (U14)
  • 2023 Master Speakers National Oratory Olympics (First Place)
Kai Yuan
Master Speakers, Aspiring Speaker
Master Speakers, Budding Speaker
Rave Reviews from Our Stars and Their Parents
Hear from our students and their parents about their amazing experiences and achievements with Master Speakers.

Hats off to Master Speakers Team whose teachers are true wizards who can turn a shy student into a bold public speaker with any given topic and crowd without scripts! Truly impressed with the outcome with just less than 3 months of training. Highly recommend Master Speakers!
Jaya Nathan (Parent)
Master Speakers, Budding Speaker

Thanks to the team behind the Master Speakers Team. It's a truly amazing place where everyone from all walks of life can come together and develop their oratory skills. Highly recommend Master Speakers!
Elvyn Ee
Master Speakers, Aspiring Speaker